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This friendly bunch are hardworking and dedicated with a common bond, CREATIVITY. Established in 2009, we are now one of the UK’s leading creative agencies!


Short Excerpt

Michael Banjo
Managing Director
Area of Expertise: Leadership, Reciprocity, Negotiation
Likes: Ideas, Creativity, Jerk Junction, Chocolate
Dislikes: Dishonesty, Interruption, Indecision, Inaction
Office Nickname: Boss, Your Majesty
Personality: Business Minded, Likes Banter (sometimes)
Yasmin Bruce
Executive Assistant
Area of Expertise: Project Management & Procurement
Likes: Black, Tattoos, Anything Extreme
Dislikes: Dis-organisation, Clammy Hands & Furry Teeth
Office Nickname: Yas
Personality: Loco, Kind, Weird
Paula Carey
Head of Department Interior Design
Area of Expertise: Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Offices
Likes: Sunny Days, My Other Half, Prossecco
Dislikes: Incompetence, Indecision
Office Nickname: P
Personality: Fun, Tough, Fair
Christie Brown
Head of Department Branding
Area of Expertise: Ideas Generation, Design, Colour, Layout
Likes: Mango, Baking, Snowboarding, Organising
Dislikes: Tea & Coffee (don't ask me to make a brew!!)
Office Nickname: Spinderella
Personality: Fun loving Cackler, Kind Hearted, Adventurous
Odette Maine
Head of Decor Creative Academy
Area of Expertise: Design, Education, Interior Design
Likes: Cheesecake, Old Hollywood Movies, Snow, Rain
Dislikes: Queues, Rudeness, Cold Calls, Spam Emails
Personality: Personable
Danuta Staszko
Senior Interior Desinger
Area of Expertise: Commercial Design, Ergonomics
Likes: Gardening, Walking My Dog
Dislikes: The Cold
Personality: Calm, Tenacious
Laura Grime
Area of Expertise: Interior Design
Likes: Cooking, Rum, My Lizard Tango
Dislikes: Dogtooth Patterns, Cucumber
Personality: Friendly, Inventive (and a little crazy)
Megan Warrington
OFFICE Administration
Area of Expertise: Office Admin, Research, Team Work
Likes: Early mornings, Coffee, Organising, Movies
Dislikes: Rain, Bushy Eyebrows, Rude People
Personality: Kind Hearted, Approachable, Ambitious
Rosie Oakes
Area of Expertise: Logo design, Editorial
Likes: Gigs, Running, Cats
Dislikes: Licquorice, Hot Weather, Driving
Personality: Quiet but Friendly
Roland Parker
Area of Expertise: Photoshop, Creativity, CAD
Likes: Playing Dress Up, Rock Climbing, Skiing, Bad Puns
Dislikes: The last sip of coffee from the bottom of the mug
Office Nickname: Rolendi
Personality: Positive (with a lot of weird)
Aisha Orme
Area of Expertise: Team work, Adobe Software
Likes: Music Festivals, Travelling, Food, Halloween
Dislikes: Being Cold, Meat, Early Mornings
Office Nickname: Aisha Pisha
Personality: Friendly, Quirky, Adventurous
Giovanna Falasca
Interior Design Co-ordinator
Area of Expertise: Presentations, InDesign, CAD, Renders
Likes: Pandas, Chocolate, Hugs, Stationery
Dislikes: Gym, Haircuts
Office Nickname: Gee
Personality: Friendly, Loud, Clumsy, A Little Bit Dopey
Ellie Williams
Interior Design Co-ordinator
Area of Expertise: Ideas, Colours, Layout, Sketch Up
Likes: Coffee, Dogs, Netball, Travelling
Dislikes: Rude people, Running, Traffic
Office Nickname: El
Personality: Creative, Loud, Friendly
Kerry He
Interior Design Co-ordinator
Area of Expertise: Photoshop, 3D Visuals, Sketches
Likes: Travelling, Exploring Cultures
Dislikes: Delays, Traffic, Rain
Office Nickname: Kez
Personality: Ambitious, Cheerful, Friendly, Approachable
Funmilayo Ajewole
International Office Manager
Area of Expertise: Research, Development, Office Admin
Likes: Early Morning Coffee, TGIF
Dislikes: Insecurity
Office Nickname: Pumpkin
Personality: Playful
Veronica Nwamadi
Business Development Manager
Area of Expertise: Business Developer, Sales, Marketing
Likes: Quiet Moments, Fun with Friends
Dislikes: Shopping At The Market
Office Nickname: Vera
Personality: Love To Be Me At All Times
Damilola Akinayo
Technical Support Manager
Area of Expertise: Architecture, Interior Design, Signage
Likes: Art, Architecture, Games, Cartoons, Animation
Dislikes: Supercilious, Myopic people
Office Nickname: DM, Damisco, Mr Dammy
Personality: Artistic, Fun, Approachable, Social
Frank Osa Omokaro
Facilities Manager
Area of Expertise: Strategist, Planning and Executing
Likes: Honest People, Hard Work
Dislikes: Laziness
Office Nickname: Mr. Frankosnehh, Badoo
Personality: Dedicated Family Man
Oluwatosin Ayilara
Graphic Designer
Area of Expertise: Layout, 2D/3D Animation, Movie Editing
Likes: Playing Drums & Organising
Dislikes: Deception
Office Nickname: Tosin, Lex
Personality: Calm, Gentle, Fun
Modupe Adebayo
Interior Designer
Area of Expertise: Residential Offices, Bars
Likes: Children
Dislikes: Insincerity
Office Nickname: Modupsy
Personality: Jovial, Firm
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