Mind In Salford

I was originally contacted my Salford based charity Mind In Salford to do some work on their existing web site. Mind In Salford are one of main Local Mind Associations which are affiliated to the Mind – but are responsible for their own funding and local service delivery.

Originally I just updated various sections/pages on their site – which was using a content management system called Razor CMS. A few years later, the web site was completely redesigned and was updated to use WordPress – this was a more modern design, it was made responsive (mobile friendly) and also since it was using WordPress, it was easier to update. The accessibility was also important on the web site – so it was easy to change text size, change the colour “profile” (to make it easier to read) and also an option to view a “text only” version of the web site.

Since I originally worked on the site, there have been a web design and a revamp to the home page which I have done. The aim of the redesign and revamp was to simplify things, improve navigation (so had room to expand) and also improve the look. Mind in Salford also had a change slightly with the logo and also the “Mind font” used.

Home page (updated in 2021)

We also simplified the sub pages of the site so removed the sliders which were appearing at the top of all pages. This was decided it was not needed. It also does mean that now, visitors to web site need to scroll down less to actually view the content they want.

Visit Mind In Salford web site

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