Here is my portfolio showing examples of some websites I have built/designed. Most of the websites I have designed/built are using WordPress. I have experience building sites with bespoke designs and also using themes which have been purchased. I have also had experience building web sites which use the e-commerce platform Shopify.

(This page is currently being updated).

The Josephine Sara Foundation
I was contacted to build a web site for the charity Josephine Sara Foundation. Their plan is to build a village for people with dementia which enables them to feel like they’re still living a normal life – but in a secure, safe village environment. The web site gives more information about the foundation, the […]
Complete Construction Products
I was originally contact by the client Kestral to do a bit of work on their main Kestral site. Later on, they required a web site which allowed them to sell their products online. The web site was built using WordPress so it was updatable and using WooCommerce plugin for the online shop. It was […]
Mind In Salford
I was originally contacted my Salford based charity Mind In Salford to do some work on their existing web site. Mind In Salford are one of main Local Mind Associations which are affiliated to the Mind – but are responsible for their own funding and local service delivery. Originally I just updated various sections/pages on […]
I had previously worked with the client on other web sites and was asked to build a web site which would be for a new business selling lampshades. But not just normal lampshades – these are faceted origami style lampshades. The decision was made to use Shopify and purchase a template which could be tweaked […]
I was asked to redesign and rebuild the Rivaaz web site – after working on their sister restaurant Thali Ho’s web site. The web site to keep the simple look and feel of the original site, make it easier/quicker for people to make a booking, and add video to the site. The web site is […]
PCP Limited
I was asked to re-design and rebuild the PCP Limited website. The new web site was built using WordPress so it has content management and also the web site is now responsive (mobile friendly). The “old” web site was one which I was actually involved in. It was originally built by someone else but I […]

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